A real-time fantasy action role-playing game

Assume control of a wanderer in a fantasy land and get engaged in quests for gold and glory. Select one of the available classes, explore stylized dungeons, complete tasks from NPCs and collect loot and valuable items to boost your abilities. The game serves as a stand-alone expansion of the original Fate.

FATE by WildTanget is an amazing adventure game where you have to pass many interesting tasks. It takes place in the town of Grove. You must get information and tips from townspeople and achieve the different tasks you have. During the journey you should collect as much gold as you possibly can on each level.

This application allows you to choose from many options to customize your characters such as gender, name, hairstyle and face. You can also choose a pet between a cat or a dog, which will defend you against rats, bats, monsters, and other creatures. This program lets you create many profiles for different players in order to keep track of the scores, progress and tasks each one has, and do not get in each other games. All games will be saved automatically every time a person stops playing.

This program has a good looking interface and it is really fun to play. It can be controlled by using the cursor on your mouse and left clicking it, it also permits you to check what is around by using the arrow keys. While playing the game you will be able to unlock secrets, find subterranean lands, earn rewards, take advices from townspeople, get life poisons, unique weaponry for power, maps, magic spells, quest to perform etc. You must be careful with the tasks because you can never return, but if everything goes well, you will earn fame, fortune and glory.

This is a great option for those who enjoy adventure games.

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All Microsoft Windows

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